· The Artist Project, Installation space,February 2019

· Hold Yourself Together, Soloshow at This Month Only Gallery, February 2019

· Skew-Whiff HarbourfrontCentre vitrine group show, January 2019

· Arthaus, Installation in collaborationwith adelheid dance company, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto ON, November 2018

Crafting the Future: A National Student Craft Student Exhibition, OCADU, Canadian Craft Biennial, September 2017 

A Measure, AKIN Collective Vitrine Gallery solo exhibit, 2017 

Audio/Visible, Blutonic Choir live performance, April 2017• Reciprocal Encounter, Bunker2, 2017

All Girls to the Front, group show at Take Time, Guelph ON, 2016 

Hillside Festival, Art Installation, Guelph ON, 2016 

GradEx 101, OCADU, Toronto ON, 2016 

Baycrest Hospital, community enrichment, Toronto ON, 2016 and 2014 

401 Richmond, OCADU surface design show, Toronto ON, 2015


• Craft Project Grant, Ontario Arts Council, February 2019

• Craft Project Grant, Ontario Arts Council, February 2018

• AKIN Collective Career Launcher, OCADU, Toronto 2016 

• Ellen Adams Award, OCADU, Toronto 2016 

• Umbra Career Launcher, OCADU, Toronto 2016


• Harbourfront Centre, Artist-in-Residence, 2017-Present

• Listastofan, Artist-in-Residence, Reykjavik, Iceland, February 2018

• AKIN Collective, Previous Member 2016/2017

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